A PG switch and things that change !!!!

Wanted to update this space,so thought of adding some details that have been happening around…….Changed my PG accommodation and shifted to a place that is just a 2 minutes walk,to be more precise,it just the opposite lane,though it is quite comfortable now but here also we are actually confronted with major shortcomings 😉 (I suppose now the perfect place for me to stay would be my own house for which I do not have hopes being single,so that is something to be left upon the person I marry, and guys this is not an indication that I am getting married soon,I am happily single for some more years to come :)) 
So talking about the shortcomings here :
  • The bathroom here is slightly bigger than the ones we have in trains,though it is clean and well constructed,We cannot get enough of our hands touching the roof by just a slight raise.
  • I am getting into a habit of cold water baths,because the solar heater provides hot water only till 7 AM in the morning which is too early for me to manage,so Cheers to another achievement in the list of adjustments
  • The breakfast part is again a trouble,not a trouble actually it does not exist ,because till now I have not been able to put up with Rice and Oil clad chapatis in the morning,have switched to “Corn flakes” and I swear its such a saviour 🙂
Also there are so many things that I miss about the last PG,leave apart the monster owner,I can list them down as well :
  • The open wide corridors with balconies at the end,where I did most of my phone conversations after office,ardent believer of “Walk when You talk”,I am,”Abhishek Bachhan, are you listening ?”,
  • Jokes apart,the loved the open space outside our room there,here though the room is far better but as I step out,I find myself enclosed in a match box like structure,no open space,Have to run to the terrace on the 5th floor so as to take in some amount of fresh air 😦
  • The well lit market outside the lane,the lively feel of shops and people,everything was accessible at a distance of a few meters,be it medicines or ATM or grocery or small North Indian restaurants,Hot chips,Shanthi Sagar, and of course,the Cane Crush 😦 :(and most importantly,the small town feel the area had,I miss it the most
  • The 2 km walk from from the old Pg to office,and back. In the morning when you see familiar faces on your way, an Uncle on morning walk,a lady on her way to office always dressed in smart western formals(we had times gossiping about her dresses and our expert comments on them :),girls after all ;),glancing at all the showrooms on the way and knowing the offers on almost all brands,discussing the new food outlets which caught our attraction and what not,also it was refreshing to walk back after office discussing the day in detail.
  • Writing about the walk reminds me of many little kids on their way to school,chatting loudly,water bottles around their necks and cute bags on their back,it was such a treat to watch them every single morning,and here there was a special one who caught our attention,a small girl,might be 4-5 years old,with her bag and bottle along with a lunch box basket,she usually has a fresh flower in hand or her Mom’s handbag,always smiling in glory,I have never seen so much happiness and gleam in the eyes of  a small kiddo on the way to school.Whenever we crossed paths,I can’t remember a single day when I did not feel like hugging her,and the best part is she goes to school from somewhere besides my new Pg,though our timings do not match now,still I have some hope of seeing her 🙂
Its nice to take note of some short and sweet events happening around you in the course of the day,somewhere it reminds you that there are things happening everyday that can keep you fresh all day long,Thank You God for such memories from each place that I live in,Hope to build some more in the new place as well.

Simply Adorable !!!

I have a friend X who has another friend Y,and I have a small story to share about them……..X was in a relationship with Z about which Y did not know(Z is a friend of Y as well)……Y has been the most special friend of X from a long long time,so it was quite unobvious for X and even Z not to disclose about this relationship to Z but they did not(because of some very obvious reasons).After more than a year of being in the relationship,X finally disclosed his”committed status” to Y and informed Z about it.
If I would have been in Y’s place,I would have killed X and Z for not revealing their relationship to me for such a long time,would have fought to an extent where I would have reached to a conclusion that would just have said”How could they”,would have sulked, cried and hated them for not telling me the truth………..Now I would tell you what his friend Y did.
She accepted the fact beautifully without any grudges,complaints or misunderstandings.She was happy for her friends and that could be felt as she spoke.She was graceful and sublime in considering the facts and I was just speechless by her manner. I just wondered that how could people be so simple , and have the ability to uncomplicate things. This must look like a very small incident but I am really amazed by the simplicity of the young lady who harmonized the whole matter and found happiness with her friends’ decision. Hey “Y”, in case you read this, I would just like to tell you that i just loved and and am ammmmmaaaaaaazeeeeed by your integrity and naturalness. You have taught me a basic ingredient of life” Welcoming happiness with open arms without hard feelings for the people whom you love even when they were a little late in sharing it with you”.

A well deserved VICTORY :) :)

A gap of 28 years, close to the trophy a couple of times but could not get it….Alas, 2nd April 2011, a very tough match, lots of hitches in between, people all over India with fingers crossed, lots of jinxes, not moving from their seats, as if celestial phenomenon links people from the same country together and adds to the destiny,or rather Victory :):)
ICC Cricket World Cup 2011,the most valuable trophy for any Cricket crazy nation, comes to India :):) and being one of the proud Indians to witness the game 🙂 🙂 the feeling is a mix of emotions, patriotism and proud….Most importantly, when the Cup adds the most important feather to the cap of Master Blaster,”Sachin Tendulkar”a dream to come true after 19 years, watching him being carried on shoulders over the ground,kudos to Gautam Gambhir, and also Dhoni ,who is an addition to the list of most successful Indian Captains who managed to add to the outstanding performance of the Indian Cricket Team when they needed it the most….and above all when the match was so damn difficult to win,I suppose that is why its said, Victory tastes sweeter when it comes through lots of hard work…….:) 🙂 and the Indian team tastes sweet sweet success….😀
Congs team India 🙂  You have made us all proud 🙂

Holi Hai :)

The festival of colours is here again….but this time I am in Bangalore,a place where Holi and Rakshabandhan do not even come in the list of holidays…thought would miss home, hostel like anything,no one to forcibly drag you amidst the colours,the more you plead,number of colours over you go on increasing….but amongst all the pictures of myself getting bored on the day of colours,my workplace proved to add one more pleasant memory to the list of best Holi celebrated by me.

We were actually informed about the plan of playing Holi in office quite a few days back,but took it as something that would be a very formal celebration,not the kind of crazy fun we were used to,but to our surprise when everybody got down to play Holi in the office garden,it was pure crazy fun, splashing each other ,dragging people to soak them in colours,not even thinking that we have to go to our homes in the same attire ;),shouting for mercy;),water balloons,and on top of that dancing like mad to just 4 odd dance numbers that were available at that time.. No matter what, we made the best use of them ;)danced and danced till our feet gave up. Thanks to the wonderful lot of friends(sharing the same set of tensions)together ,we buried them under the beautiful colours of Holi….It was a simple celebration that would turn into a beautiful memory in the days to come….
Wishing everyone a colourful Holi and may God fill everyones’ life with such small moments of priceless joy 🙂 !!!!

The Bangalore Story !!!!!!!

Bangalore or Bengaluru ……..when i visited the city close to 7 years back,memories i carried from here were those of a green city with clean roads,trees planted on both sides of the road bearing beautiful purple flowers,a city that was unlike the other crowded metropolitan cities……the Bull temple,Vidhana Soudha, The Planetarium,The Visveswaraiah Science Museum and idlis and dosas…..Never thought that this would be the place where i ll get my first job….never thought i would come to this city as a resident.
The first few days of stay here were the most comfortable,staying in the Company sponsered accomodation for a week,cab carrying us to and fro to office,meals served as per our wish……The real story started when we started looking for an accomodation for ourselves (the city has downpours throughout the year and we landed up in the month of June 😉 unaware of the fact that even when its sunny at the present moment, the next moment it would start pouring as if its been raining for the last few hours….the working hours not too hectice for the first 15 days,we would set to start searching for an accomodation as soon as we got free from office,walking in the rains on roads that we still do not know names of,baffled between crosses and mains(here in Bangalore,addresses consist of numbered streets,streets bisected as crossses and mains,which to your surprise would exist on both the sides of a road,in short if you do not know the closest landmark,it would be an irritable experience to reach an address laden with CROSSES and MAINS..;)….It was  painful to walk and walk endlessly and reach to accomodations with dingy rooms,nothing in the name of hygiene and not to mention food that we were not at all used to..(rice,rice and rice).Eventually our efforts resulted in a place decent enough to stay, north indian food and a nice location.The first day of office from that place,walked down to a place where we got stuck in between the road with four flyovers in front of us,not knowing which one to take for office …But however we were not to be spared with those little efforts,the owner of the place we stayed in was an illiterate foolish man,claiming to understand everything we said but would keep in mind only the things that were of use to him. He gave us room different from what we wanted to have,troubled us with not getting the Geyser repaired,the lock of the room broken and not repaired until we stopped paying him the rent,electricity going off every now and then.Fighting with him became a daily routine.
Apart from all these there are daily efforts in finding out joints offering good north indian food,searching for ways to spend weekends,understanding bus routes and on top of that filling pockets of the defamed Bangalore rickshaw owners….but the city has its own charm being the most cosmopolitan of all south indian cities….varied cultures(we do not understand either of Kannada,Malayalam or Tamil ;))but still am getting used to the way of life here,most important,getting used to the food(started having rice as a full meal),relishing the distictiveness of this part of Indian Peninsula…..Nevertheless,Bangalore is beautiful and the best thing about this place is the weather,pleasant whatever time of the year it may be,the evenings will always be cool,you can walk on the roads without sweating yourself out.The place is a bliss for rose lovers,I have never seen such beautiful roses ever in my life that i have seen here…….bundles and bundles of them on carts whenever i cross the KR market,its a tonic to the eyes. The place is a mirror of modern India(Silicon Valley of India),preserving its heritage and imbibing other cultures at the same time.
The Bangalore story would continue in this blog as long as I am here in Bangalore.I love being here and would look forward to explore and share more stories and experiences.

Bundles of Joy !!!!

A hectic day at work, drooped amongst excel sheets,data analysis for the year,confused and muddled up to the core.Eventually fought with one of the closest friends. Poor friend 😦 did not even know the reason for my peevishness. I cancelled all plans for saturday evening but thank goodness some sort of inner wisdom came to my rescue and i landed up to the friend’s place. Poor fellow,disappointed by my behavior was to start for some cafe with two more friends. I joined them but stilll the whole day’s work was dwindling in my head.
Waiting for ordered stuff to come one of the friends noticed “UNO” cards being played by another group.The kind of inquisitive being he is, started gathering experiences to when we played it the last time and ultimately gathering the tit bits of information about rules by guesswork and the internet ,we had a gala time playing “UNO”,the extent of which went up to even asking the cafe manager to lend it to us for the night since we could not find any toy shop open till 10:30 at night so that we would buy one for ourselves.
I am still in college, overloaded with project work which was not moving ahead according to expectations,fed up of the connectivity of internet in my hostel room,the deadlines to be met, and since these are last few days of my stay in this hostel,thousands of other chores to be completed before leaving. Its 6:30 PM and i get a message on my phone,”Chai?”,a smile comes on my face and i reply instantly “Coming in 10 minutes”. i walk up to the neighbouring “Chai centre”, eyes searching for two friends who assumingly should be waiting catching hold of an extra place for me. I walk up to them ,share half an hour discussing the day’s proceedings, share a laugh and come back to my routine.
I am working at my desk for some difficult task that I am trying to do since morning, not being able to accomplish even 10% of the same and its 1:10 in the afternoon.Friends calling up for lunch, i get up and walk straight up to the pantry where i hear giggling sounds from a group of 8-10 colleagues,i enjoy lunch with them,sharing a joke,discussing each other’s lives,work,pulling each others leg. Most of my colleagues in office are girls within the same age group and we share excellent camaraderie.The kind of fun we have is difficult to find in one’s professional life,makes my life at work a little more interesting,a little more fun and a little more exciting and I am back to work relieved and refreshed.
All the above are tit bits of my life at different stages, all being made a little more perfect by bundles of joy,called “FRIENDS”,i meet some of them only once a week or  in a month or even a few months but sharing a laugh with them,discussing life and problems makes life simpler and happy. I am blessesd to have such people with whom life finds a new meaning and there’s always something happening and exciting to look forward to.Thank you God for these wonderful people with whom life becomes a celebration without reasons.:):)

Happy Birth Day Maa !!!!

I have been waiting to write since the day i started blogging and what could have been a better day to write about my Mom,than her birthday…(although its still a week to go,but as i said i could not wait more..:)
Its been said that God creates mothers because he could not be with all his children(God you could not have made a better version of yourself….:)).Its been close to 7 years since i have been living away from home and the only thing that keeps me going is “You”, Ma….I still remember the first day of hostel life when i waved her a bye. The first few days my seniors and batchmates did not utter the word “Mom” because being a cry baby,I would start shedding tears(though i can laugh about it now but i remember the pain it caused to live in another town away from Ma….)although the strength i gathered to stay away came only from her.
Since childhood, the thoughts of being self dependent, innovative, being with us(me n my sis) even when we turned out to be failures at times,encouraging us to experiment,learn and apply be it anything…reading, singing, dancing, sports. I remember whenever me and my sis were to face any competition or an exam,she would be the most active on our food habits,forcing us to eat and sleep on time,She would even not speak(Maun Vrat 😉 until we would come home and tell her how we did..(even forcing us to study and study which at times irritated us too but if it would not have been there,i dont know where both of us would have landed 😉
She has been a friend always, I could share crushes and proposals,dreams and fears, and she would explain things to me in a manner that they did not come as imposed upon me.She would have her say but would leave decisions upto me. With all these,there came strictness where it was needed,(i remember the parties i missed because of one party i came late from …;)
You have made us what we wanted to, we know that hurdles and cribbing will be there always but you have taught us to deal with everything and come out as a happier and better human being.
Sacrificing your own dreams and ambitions ( U could become all you dreamt of  but I am glad you chose to be our mother 🙂 🙂),you have made us realize our dreams . For us, you are the best cook, the best singer(even better than your favourite), the best opinions come from you.You are the most beautiful woman on earth and we are proud to be your daughters and its a promise,You and Papa will be proud of us always…..Wishing you health and happiness always…May all your wishes come true……Love u Ma….:)Wishing you a very very Happy Birthday !!!!!! 🙂

The day arrived !!!!!! :)

Hi All,
The title to my first post is just because i have been procrastinating this blog since 3 months,i guess……when a  friend started hers,introducing me to this amazing world of putting your thoughts via your keypad n screen to the world. Not that i never read one but ya,never thought even i can put thoughts to words ……..:)n am finally doing it !!!! Takes me back to my childhood when i was intoduced by some teacher to the idea of penning down thoughts in a diary!! The idea caught my interest and the diary became a reflection of thoughts,moments captured through words……….the blog would be an extension to the same….ideas, thoughts, views,sometimes those odd moments of lots of cribbing and sometimes those moments of happiness that knows no bounds……..would love to scribble about everything. Since I am a starter,would welcome criticism and suggestions from all those who would spend time reading my thoughts………
Hey, did not mention the friend’s name who has put this thought in my mind……..Anjie:))Thanks to you,atlast the lazed out time comes to an end……
Last but not the least, wishing myself Happy Blogging !!!! 🙂