To My Valentine!

The fact that I miss you terribly bought me back to my badly neglected blog space. But it made me realise how beautiful it is to read documented memories and how very important it is to write to be able to come back to reading them. So this one is for us!

For all the smiles you bring to my very boring self,
All the bear hugs I leave with and come back to, every single day
The way you hold my hand while crossing roads
And the sweet naps I take in your lap while you are glued to the television
For sharing the love of cooking,baking and eating
The boring movies I force you to download and always fall asleep watching
For listening to all that I blabber when I am upset
But holding me high when the lows surround me
And tolerating the shower of kisses I pour on you every morning when you are deep asleep

If they said there are no reasons in love, I do not agree,because I have a hundred and more reasons to love you every single day.

Happy Valentine’s Day love, you are and will always be the better of the two halves . I love you! ❤