Of irritation,absent mindedness and a hearty laugh!

I travel to office by the BMTC bus. For all those who know, today I boarded a bus which just has a front door and no conductor,plus,I chose it over a volvo because it had place to sit. So, the bus took one hour to cover a distance of 5 kilometers and I was mighty irritated. I boarded a volvo for the second half of my journey but still reached office a good half an hour late.

Now, walking inside the campus, I reached the ground floor of my building and I see a newly opened “Au Bon Pain” outlet, and I mutter in my head, “There was a CCD here yesterday and now Au Bon Pain, these guys just don’t need time at all to set up the outlets. Anyways, I can come down for a soup and sandwich sometime,when I don’t carry lunch”.

With all this in mind, I got into the lift to go to the 4th floor. Happily, I landed on the floor to find a completely different office. In confusion, I climbed the stairs to the 5th floor to see if I took a lift to the other side. On 5th floor too, a completely different set-up. Mighty confused, I board the lift to go to the ground floor. In the lift, I read, “you have taken a lift of block 3 A”. Oh!Ok, muttering in my mind, in the same building, I take a round of all the lifts to see which ones go to block 3B. I also make a note to check with my manager if at all,there are different lifts to different  blocks. Wondering all this, a sudden thought clicks my mind, where have the ATM machines gone from the ground floor? And the tube light suddenly lightens up,Oh My God!This is a different building altogether. : D

I was laughing out aloud reaching my desk, until I could wait to recite the whole thing to a friend online. Have you ever been in a situation where you have fallen prey to absent mindedness of this extent ? 😛 . Please share. I am all ears, and promise I won’t laugh. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Of irritation,absent mindedness and a hearty laugh!

  1. Lol 😀

    Umm… More than once I mistook my bike with someone’s. I once got on a bike which almost looked like mine, and started keying it. Few seconds later, I did it angrily. 😀 It took me two three minutes to understand the scene. 😀

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