My first baby

is my little sister. I remember holding Papa’s hand to take him to see her in the hospital,the tiny little thing, I remember trying to run away from Masi’s room to sleep beside her and Mummy in the middle of the night. The perfect child she used to be,no tantrums apart from being Mummys’ chipkoo and bawling with the wide open mouth and the loudest voice you could ever imagine for a 2 year old. The cute little thing with curly hair looked cuter when her 4 year old self stood on the top of a stool to be caught slurping a whole bowl of yogurt kept on the top of the fridge while Mom slept in the afternoon. I used to wonder at her simple choices for a kid all of 4 years old ,yogurt, dal, milk and roti for food, no throwing tantrums for toys or games or even chocolates. Her kindergarten school was right opposite our house and I remember dropping her in the morning right on to her seat in her classroom. When she moved to the school I was in, I used to go her in the recess to have our dabbas together till the time she was old enough to get my dabba along with her when I started an early morning Maths tution. Come summer vacations and both of us would land into some kind of art and craft classes. We used to ride on bicycles to every place and the times when I gave her a ride and dropped her to bring her crying self seated on the carrier with me dragging the bicycle for the fear of hurting her again,if at all I cycled with her in the backseat. Every single thing that was brought for us had to neatly divided in two portions,be it chocolates or pencils or crayons, I was a devil enough to take away her share sometimes without anyone getting to know.  Dancing on those bollywood songs playing the actor and actress to getting songs recorded for her dance practices to seeing her perform beautifully at numerous cultural events. The first time she spoke in an elocution contest and came running towards me after winning the first prize, to the wonderful results in board exams. The first time she went away from home for a crash course and hurt herself on the leg. I still remember how it broke my heart when she called me and told that she was in pain.

But though a baby for me, she took all her career related decisions like a pro,gave a shot to what she believed in and finally succeeded to make it to one of the top 3 law schools of the country. I sometimes think,how nice had it been, if I had the same zeal for whatever I wanted in life. She actually worked hard, traveled to numerous places for her summer and winter internships and finally landed into the kind of firm she always desired. She makes me beam with pride. 🙂

We shop like crazy, read same books, plan stuff for Mom and Dad,but also fight like there is no tomorrow. However, we still can’t manage to stay without speaking to each other.

I once read about Taurian girls in a Linda Goodman book,she said that these are “tall” women. Tall, not by the inches, but by the soul. When me and mom worry about her stubborn attitude at times, I recall Linda Goodman’s words. She makes friends and stands by them, brings harmony and sweetness,has enough room in her heart for the people she loves and is surely one of my my most favorite people, the sister of my heart, my little baby.



4 thoughts on “My first baby

  1. This is an amazing post 🙂 Brought back so many wonderful memories. I hope to make so many more memories travelling together, eating together, cooking together and reading together 🙂 Cheers to the good times and hoping many more good times to come our way 😀

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