The first blog marathon and bringing the blog back to action..

This has been a dormant space for the last 6 months or more and there was no other way to bring it back in action. When I saw the post on RM’s blog,I did not really give a thought as to how long will it last for my blog with travelling involved in the last week of January, but with the list of prompts ready at Dreamy Mommy’s blog, it did not really seem impossible. So here I am with the first post of the series.

I have never really made resolutions which would actually last for a year or so. They keep springing up and fading away, not a very great thing to do, but I can just list down some things that i intend to continue doing in the new year . So here it goes.

  • Lose 4 kgs of weight, walk, change eating patterns and habits and lose the flab any which ways. I desperately want to get into those old-not-much-used set of clothes piling up in my wardrobe
  • Keep cooking, and explore more recipes, try hands on baking,varieties of salads and soak in joy of mixing ingredients to create what brings satisfaction to the taste buds and the weight loss regime πŸ˜›
  • Giving the best shot at work,learn more and keep updating myself with the current business scenario
  • Plan investments Β for the family
  • Read more, complete the half read ones and explore the writings of different writers like Chitra Bannerjee and Devdutt Pattnaik, there is no magic like that of beautifully woven words
  • Plan outings and trips with family
  • Make personalized gifts, cards,videos and stuff,nothing can beat the joy of watching the expressions on the face of loved ones on receiving some of these
  • Make peace with myself, don’t let aspirations and goals go haywire and cause trouble to me and my family

Keeping up with these is task in itself, but penning them down would surely help as a reminder. Wishing loads of happiness and good health to all of us.Hope all of us have a brighter 2014!


10 thoughts on “The first blog marathon and bringing the blog back to action..

  1. I too want to read the books of Chitra Banerjee and Devdutt Pattnaik, in fact not been reading much. Wish you luck with your resolutions and the Blogging Marathon! And a Happy New Year!

  2. After a long time ! πŸ™‚

    Happy new year ! Umm , there is a website , i use it to track what I read and as a library too. Give it a try.

    Hope you accomplish your tasks ! πŸ™‚

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