Letting go..

is what i fail to do. I am amazed at this ability of some people very close to me and yet I refuse to learn. Not that I enjoy holding on to stuff that should not matter, but its that stubborn attitude and *how could they/he/she* which refuses to leave. Knowing that it causes so much heartburn and pain,puts my love to test,and weakens me from within. Knowing that I have to extract good from life, from opportunities, from talents. Knowing that it hurts someone to see me troubling my self over stuff that could be avoided. Knowing that I am blessed to have those few relations I am proud of having built. I fail to learn.

And I put it here to remind myself, that I have better people to care about rather than breaking my head over issues that do nothing but devoid me of all pleasures, the ones which I refuse to acknowledge because anger makes me turn a blind eye to them. I have a future to build which I know I can make the best of. It just needs faith and a promise to myself that nothing ever in life should be big enough to make me forget my love and my family. And “letting go” is never a big deal :).