For the friend that you are ….

Since the time I remember, I have looked up to you for the kind of friend you are and I sincerely wished if I had half the qualities you possess,  I would consider myself the best human being alive. You can be anywhere if friendship demands, and I sometimes wonder “Is that for real,I mean how is it possible to be like this”, how is it possible to have so compassion and so little or rather no grudges with anybody. I have seen you arguing and debating with innumerable people  in the past two years but have I ever seen you talking ill about the other person once the discussion is over.  Whatever you have to say, is said in front of the person and there is no question of you discussing it with someone else  because once the debate is over you can carry on like nothing happened, you don’t have any grievance,or resentment. How do you manage to do that, even with people who will talk ill endlessly about someone else but in front of the person they change colors quicker than a chameleon would ever do, they would lack a spine to take a stand.

I sometimes wondered, how on earth is it possible  that people do not understand this nature of yours but then as I saw you year after year, I realized that they are scared to show their dark side or are too spineless to question something wrong. I so feel like protecting you like a mother protects her baby from all wrongs, but I so wish that  you could deal with people the same practical way as you deal with your own emotions, I wish you could recognize between friends and foes and never go on helping and thinking about people who do not matter.

You are a gem of a friend to have and you deserve the same kind of gems to yourself. It is just not possible that every single person whom you meet in life will acknowledge this quality of yours, and it hurts me to see you hurt,that too by goons who lack the sense of anything including common sense.

So today,I decide that I will stop you from lending a help to someone who does not value you, even stop you from accommodating people who have lacked courtesy in the past and you cannot hope for anything better from them in the future.

In short, I will not let anyone in the world take you for granted because you are and will always be my best friend.