I would miss you Dadaji……..

For, the smell of mustard oil would always remind me of you….

For, whenever I come across a “Kadambini“,I would be recalled of the numerous ones I read from your bookshelf,not once but sometimes twice….

For, as a child,how much pride I took to hear you speak the most flawless,fluent English….

For, the sound of radio that would be on from morning 7 till it was time for you to go to bed….

For, the crisp safari suits you wore….

For , everybody in the house would come down running with a “Ji”,the moment you call one name….

For, the happiness in your voice when Dadi showed you the saree I got for her….

For, I believed,that at an age of 91,you were the strongest and fittest person I ever came across who handled business transactions with the same zeal….

I never thought I would not get a chance to see you again when I met you last year,

That I really believed you would be alright when Mom told me you were unwell….

And I never thought you would go away….

That the house at Udaipur would never feel the same without you,

That it breaks my heart to imagine Dadi, with whom you shared a wedlock of more than seventy golden years,without your physical presence…

And I feel so sorry that I never had the chance to hold your ageing hands to help you walk down the stairs…

That I could never tell you that I share your passion for reading with equal measure….

That it never crossed my mind to gift you a book or a Pen when I literally was searching for a suitable gift for you….

That I wanted you to know that I took so much pride in you….

That how much ever little time I spent with you,you are and will always be my favorite Grandparent.

And I so pray that you are in a happy place up there…Rest in Peace Dadaji!!!!

I miss you!!!!


2 thoughts on “I would miss you Dadaji……..

  1. You forgot Hajmola and the Typewriter πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Your post brought tears and you are right, the feeling that he is no more with us is yet to sink in 😦
    For going to Udaipur (now I realize) had only one purpose, meeting him 😦

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