The title so matches my state of mind at this point. “Perplexed” , that is what I am!!

Last few days, there were some major career related decisions happening at my end, I gathered my instincts and decided what I did not want, which way I did not want to go.The fact that I took some real risk still amazes me but the whole process behind the “brain digging experience” had been a tiring one. I spoke to a number of people, listened to advices, worked real hard for some things that are still unattained , and came to a conclusion. A year or more it took !!

But then I keep getting a feeling time and again, Have I planned enough,Do I really have the determination to attain those incomplete goals, those childhood aspirations and dreams. I do not remember the last time I had been so “Point blank” about any major decisions. When I prioritize, I give equal importance to family, relationships, growth, finances and what not. But, then I am unable to follow a definite path of action. If I gain on one aspect, there is loss on another….Homo Sapiens!! I say, a tough breed!!

I do not know how much sense do I make here, but then somewhere in future, when I come back and read, I should be able to recall all the stuff that made me reach a certain point in life, which I am sure I would be proud of !!


3 thoughts on “Disorientation!!

  1. This resembles something. It reminded me of this book " The sense of an ending-by Julian barnes" . Excellent book, read it if not yet.(Just felt sharing it, not more than that)

  2. Hope you've gone thru the book summary and praises for that work and also the man booker prize award….It's more than that. I just don't want spoil it's fame with my amateur words. But, I can say this:It's about time.It's about Unrest.It's about responsibility.And it's about life.

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