The title so matches my state of mind at this point. “Perplexed” , that is what I am!!

Last few days, there were some major career related decisions happening at my end, I gathered my instincts and decided what I did not want, which way I did not want to go.The fact that I took some real risk still amazes me but the whole process behind the “brain digging experience” had been a tiring one. I spoke to a number of people, listened to advices, worked real hard for some things that are still unattained , and came to a conclusion. A year or more it took !!

But then I keep getting a feeling time and again, Have I planned enough,Do I really have the determination to attain those incomplete goals, those childhood aspirations and dreams. I do not remember the last time I had been so “Point blank” about any major decisions. When I prioritize, I give equal importance to family, relationships, growth, finances and what not. But, then I am unable to follow a definite path of action. If I gain on one aspect, there is loss on another….Homo Sapiens!! I say, a tough breed!!

I do not know how much sense do I make here, but then somewhere in future, when I come back and read, I should be able to recall all the stuff that made me reach a certain point in life, which I am sure I would be proud of !!