Life in bullet points !!

  • There was a trip to Pondicherry in February and it was pure fun. I saw the sea for the first time in my life and I just felt like embracing those waves every time they made a rush….It made me realise what a tiny thing I am in the big big universe !!
  • There have been major moments of disappointment at work. The uncontrollable situations make me mad. Where you just can’t do anything,because it does not depend on you….but then it affects my work, and I always thought my work will always be the way I want, Hmph 😦 !!
  • March is work,work and work. And March is also for some big things in April (can’t disclose now though) but I need to work up the month of March in the best way possible..I cannot handle mediocrity, I have to try the best shot,Pray for me please …..will you ?
  • I suddenly feel the lack of close-friends-since-years around me. Some settled abroad and some are planning to. I suddenly feel the lack of people with whom I have spent 7 precious years of my life….at times it is heart breaking but then I am happy that my best friends have made it to what they aimed at, anti-jinx to that. 
  • I have started loving oranges and water-melons like never before. Its been a month that I have to have one or the other daily. I love to cook as always , even if its the simplest things, Makes me happy 🙂
  • I have seen the worst cases of hypocrisy in the past few days, and it irritates me to the core. Why double standards when nobody judges anybody ?
  • So many friends are getting married and I love to see them shopping for pretty things, setting up there homes from scratch, the beam in their eyes when they talk about their “own” homes, Bliss !!