I could not help but smile :)

A random telephonic conversation with the little sis goes as below :

Sis : Hi, What’s up ?
Me : Nothing, just walking back from office.
Sis : Arey, just called to ask you, you wanted a casual skirt na, something knee length, rap around style ??
Me : Haan, tried at so many places, no luck yet….
Sis : I have seen one at XYZ store, it is the same style you wanted and has every colour on earth on it, would go with any top you wear, but then the size is XL ( and goes on….)
Me : I don’t want, you buy if you like it, anyways I don’t want to get into the alteration issue….I just don’t find the time to get it done and those clothes keep lying in my closet untouched for months….Don’t get it for me please..
Sis : Arey waise bhi you are not coming home for 2-3 months….I ll get it….
Me: (interrupting) I said na don’t get for me…
Sis : I ll get it altered till you come….
Me : No, I don’t want something that does not fit me,I really don’t want…
Sis : Don’t give stupid reasons, I am getting it for you….
Me : Don’t argue yaar, told you I don’t want, No means No….
Sis bangs the phone and I thought it was an end to the issue….

The very next day on G-talk :
Me : You reached office?
Sis : Ya, forgot to give you a call ….
Me : That’s OK,but don’t forget tomorrow onwards(She is at an internship in a new city, so that’s a ritual we follow just to ensure she has reached office safely.)
Sis : Sure baby….and yes….You may get angry but don’t get angry….OK….

I got the skirt for you….Because 
1. It was pretty 
2. It was rap-around style 
3. You won’t get it at a flat 50% off
4. I wanted to buy something for you
5. I will get it altered and you will receive it in your size only
So, No fights…..
and Yes,
 6. I told mom I am buying the skirt…and she was on my side… 🙂

Now, what could I do except smile. 🙂


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