The year that went by ..

Yes,2011 comes to an end…..and I feel older….no longer a kid or a teen….it depressed me for a while amongst many other things….but then there were a whole lot of things the year taught and made me experience. A bullet point post again ( one of the best things university exams taught me ;)). So, people here’s 2011 in bullets :
  • A holiday start to the year to the “Scotland of India”, Coorg, words might not be enough to describe the lovely place it was, a home stay amongst coffee plantations,a private waterfall, a tree house style room and the view outside,colours spread around in absolute harmony,balancing and complementing each other,a pretty house and the fairy tale life it was for 3 days 🙂
  •  The initial excitement of first job faded with the year passing by, work does affect life in more than one way, financial independence makes way for a confidence boost,on the other hand a realization strikes when you get to know that this is not what you dreamt of since childhood, that dreams come true but yes, they have a cost,be it love, family or career and the balancing act can fade the dream itself…. I hate to believe still that luck does wonders for some people and NOT for some….and I still believe hard work might not pay instantly but it comes back in the form of pleasant surprises and I really want to live up to these beliefs
  • Some relations did wonders to my life,leaving me amazed….My Parents are my pillar of strength and I wish I could be as supportive of my kids as they are of me when I myself become a mother….My sister is my mirror and my bond with her keeps getting stronger “anti jinxing”….Friends act as elixirs, I run to them when I am happy,I run to them when I am sad and I run to them when I am neither of the two….makes me believe that though a loner, I can’t do much in life if I don’t have people to share joys and sorrows with
  • I worked hard for some things,not getting them is another thing,but I am happy I did not take anything for granted,neither work,nor relationships or studies for that matter
  • I am unhappy that my reading list did not get any longer, read a very few books and lot many new blogs, I wonder how will I survive if I don’t get to read them. I want to read a lot more in the year to come….a lot more means a lot lot more..
  • My love for cooking grew manifold, thanks to the blog-world and Master-Chef India 2 🙂 Also, the fitness and diet freak in me has rebound in full swing, and I so feel happy shappy about it 🙂
I am bad at resolutions and its no point making them because for me well planned things do not work,so there is going to be just a wishlist for the life that waits by, and it starts with,
A lesser cribbing me, a lesser lazy me
A more happy me, A more prompt me
A little more singing, a little more dancing, a little more cooking and a lot more reading 🙂 .
Wishing you all a very happy new year, May the year bring health,happiness and prosperity to all our families and friends !!!!
And May we make the world a better, greener and happier place to live in !!!!

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