Let me be me ……..

It seems that I am being caught in the most cluttered state of  mind….and I when I try to take some decisions there are people who take take me back to ground zero(with their so called”thought processes”)….Here is for them :
People please stop bugging me on the marriage issue,being 25 does not mean,”U HAVE TO GET MARRIED”,there are a whole lot of things unaccomplished, unfulfilled desires and incomplete goals,and I just can’t get married before I attain them….I want to settle down peacefully and successfully,Marriage is not a mad rush because age is passing by,I want to take up that phase as gracefully and happily as I can,so please stop forcing,I am working hard towards other priorities in life..do not distract me…And Marriage is not on my priority list for the next two years….I know my Parents are worried but I know they would understand….I am not the kind of person who can sit back without attaining certain set criteria for myself…and it would get difficult if marriage happens now….So please understand….Spare me !!!!
Job for me is also about satisfaction with what I do….its important to me that my work keeps motivating me….there are decisions that need fast action….so please do not confuse me….with that security oriented and money minded thinking of yours…even I know I hold responsibilities but then If I cannot experiment now…I will never be able to…If I cannot take risks now,do you expect me to be a risk taker after becoming the mother of two kids….so please grand-motherly thoughts are not invited…
Yes, I do not want to keep contact with some people,explanations required…Well take them down,I was sick of some kind of people around me, and I waited for them to go away,for the first time in life,I met people who were cheap,brainless and never missed a chance to fake themselves…..I was disgusted with them to the core and was shocked at myself for not giving them in face…..So when it came to the “keeping contact” thing ,Well…there’s nothing more for me to say than…Good Riddance !!!!
(I know this post is just pure rant,but I really am so tired of suggestions and advises that I just am not being able to be me….:( So sorry folks,till some sanity arrives at this end,Please bear with me…)

5 thoughts on “Let me be me ……..

  1. Just be you!And yeah those people who force you to think a certain way are irritants to say the least..Discard them, as heartless as it may sound!And pssst–even if you become a mother of two, it does not mean you cannot follow your dreams ;-)Much love!Preeti 🙂

  2. Thanks Preeti for dropping by :)I really wish and hope I remain as dreamy and full of life as u are,when I become a mother of two ;)P.S : I am all smiles after reading your comment 🙂 🙂

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