The year that went by ..

Yes,2011 comes to an end…..and I feel older….no longer a kid or a teen….it depressed me for a while amongst many other things….but then there were a whole lot of things the year taught and made me experience. A bullet point post again ( one of the best things university exams taught me ;)). So, people here’s 2011 in bullets :
  • A holiday start to the year to the “Scotland of India”, Coorg, words might not be enough to describe the lovely place it was, a home stay amongst coffee plantations,a private waterfall, a tree house style room and the view outside,colours spread around in absolute harmony,balancing and complementing each other,a pretty house and the fairy tale life it was for 3 days 🙂
  •  The initial excitement of first job faded with the year passing by, work does affect life in more than one way, financial independence makes way for a confidence boost,on the other hand a realization strikes when you get to know that this is not what you dreamt of since childhood, that dreams come true but yes, they have a cost,be it love, family or career and the balancing act can fade the dream itself…. I hate to believe still that luck does wonders for some people and NOT for some….and I still believe hard work might not pay instantly but it comes back in the form of pleasant surprises and I really want to live up to these beliefs
  • Some relations did wonders to my life,leaving me amazed….My Parents are my pillar of strength and I wish I could be as supportive of my kids as they are of me when I myself become a mother….My sister is my mirror and my bond with her keeps getting stronger “anti jinxing”….Friends act as elixirs, I run to them when I am happy,I run to them when I am sad and I run to them when I am neither of the two….makes me believe that though a loner, I can’t do much in life if I don’t have people to share joys and sorrows with
  • I worked hard for some things,not getting them is another thing,but I am happy I did not take anything for granted,neither work,nor relationships or studies for that matter
  • I am unhappy that my reading list did not get any longer, read a very few books and lot many new blogs, I wonder how will I survive if I don’t get to read them. I want to read a lot more in the year to come….a lot more means a lot lot more..
  • My love for cooking grew manifold, thanks to the blog-world and Master-Chef India 2 🙂 Also, the fitness and diet freak in me has rebound in full swing, and I so feel happy shappy about it 🙂
I am bad at resolutions and its no point making them because for me well planned things do not work,so there is going to be just a wishlist for the life that waits by, and it starts with,
A lesser cribbing me, a lesser lazy me
A more happy me, A more prompt me
A little more singing, a little more dancing, a little more cooking and a lot more reading 🙂 .
Wishing you all a very happy new year, May the year bring health,happiness and prosperity to all our families and friends !!!!
And May we make the world a better, greener and happier place to live in !!!!

Let me be me ……..

It seems that I am being caught in the most cluttered state of  mind….and I when I try to take some decisions there are people who take take me back to ground zero(with their so called”thought processes”)….Here is for them :
People please stop bugging me on the marriage issue,being 25 does not mean,”U HAVE TO GET MARRIED”,there are a whole lot of things unaccomplished, unfulfilled desires and incomplete goals,and I just can’t get married before I attain them….I want to settle down peacefully and successfully,Marriage is not a mad rush because age is passing by,I want to take up that phase as gracefully and happily as I can,so please stop forcing,I am working hard towards other priorities in not distract me…And Marriage is not on my priority list for the next two years….I know my Parents are worried but I know they would understand….I am not the kind of person who can sit back without attaining certain set criteria for myself…and it would get difficult if marriage happens now….So please understand….Spare me !!!!
Job for me is also about satisfaction with what I do….its important to me that my work keeps motivating me….there are decisions that need fast action….so please do not confuse me….with that security oriented and money minded thinking of yours…even I know I hold responsibilities but then If I cannot experiment now…I will never be able to…If I cannot take risks now,do you expect me to be a risk taker after becoming the mother of two kids….so please grand-motherly thoughts are not invited…
Yes, I do not want to keep contact with some people,explanations required…Well take them down,I was sick of some kind of people around me, and I waited for them to go away,for the first time in life,I met people who were cheap,brainless and never missed a chance to fake themselves…..I was disgusted with them to the core and was shocked at myself for not giving them in face…..So when it came to the “keeping contact” thing ,Well…there’s nothing more for me to say than…Good Riddance !!!!
(I know this post is just pure rant,but I really am so tired of suggestions and advises that I just am not being able to be me….:( So sorry folks,till some sanity arrives at this end,Please bear with me…)

To the new journey that you begin !!!

From under-graduates to post graduates….
From batch mates to best friends ….
A journey of  7 long years…….
From knowing to understanding…..
We met before I joined college,when I came to check out how University hostels are…and you gave an honest opinion,not too good but not bad,not posh but clean…. and I sometimes wonder If I hadn’t met you,had I ever thought of staying there….I just can’t say…..You were the first one whom I went to after Ma left, With those tear filled eyes,sobbing and wiping my tears….since it was the first time away from home,but somehow you managed to comfort me(even when you were sailing in the same boat)….helped me with the arrangements,made me eat dinner with you….and we began a friendship that could just grow stronger…….
The hilarious ragging days,I do not have a count of the number of times you were made to do”smile-shoots”,and those silly dances and aarti’s we sang for the seniors,laughing our hearts out when we came out of their rooms….

The running around from one building to another…to reach each other’s rooms’,studying together for exams,maggi treats and coffee breaks and the madness for street food and shopping that we shared….umpteen discussions about life and career and love and relationships….ahhh those dreamy nights were spent talking endlessly into the mornings….

The mad planning for birth day bashes and the midnight parties…the picnics where you did what not every time I had the “Mad Hydrophobic attacks ;)”

The cooking together and eating together….

The “falling ill days” when one of us got a bad cold-cough or a headache or viral fever or heat-stroke and the other went running around for medicines and food and books and photostats……

How mad I had been when I came to the hostel again for post-graduation and you had left….and how much I thanked my stars when you returned…….

Even when I came to Bangalore….how endlessly our phone conversations went….we just couldn’t stay without sharing minute details about our lives…..till the big day 🙂 your wedding……. which all of us enjoyed to the fullest,the coolest bride that you made(what do you call someone who can plan to have lunch with her friends on the day of her wedding with her night suit on :D)….the way we could not get enough of watching both of you as the loveliest couple on stage and how our hands never got tired clicking pictures…the lovely family of yours….we never felt we met all of them for the very first time….:)
And today when you have entered into wedded bliss…My heart goes out to wish you happiest of the happy things life can offer….:)
To the lovely smile of yours that brightens up your eyes…..
To the wonderful couple both of you make….(anti-jinx)
To the promise that I saw in his eyes to keep you happy always….
Happy Married Life Sweets !!!! 🙂
May God bless you both with all the happiness in the world  !!!! 🙂