Here’s to the first first time :)

Standing beneath a waterfall,giant enough that the force of water can send u rolling in circles similar to being caught in a whirlpool 🙂 and  I did stand beneath it,for the very very first time in life…the mystical experience that it was,with water rushing down your back with that thud thud sound….and the feeling that it is,one with nature….And Yes,for the first time in life conquering the crazy crazy fear of water :)I did that,Kudos to the self and some lovely lovely friends who made me do that..I am still at a distance from taking those no breath “Dubki’s” but I will get there soon 🙂

Friends,this was a trip to Shivasamudram, a giant waterfall,150 Km’s from Bangalore,set off in the morning at 7,a group of 7 friends,the day was Saturday,the 8th of October…..The journey started with a feast of Hot Idlis at Bidadi and then off to the destination which seemed too crowded at the first sight but then weekends are for everybody, Right !!!!
Stood beneath the water fall,securing a place that was cozy enough for the 7 of us to sit in a small cave like structure and take turns to enjoy water patting our backs .. 🙂 After which the adventure crazy lot of the group wanted some trekking to be done and where would we do that???.The answer to which was…”We would find a way to the top of the waterfall”…now is that scary,If not,it will be when I post the pictures of the waterfall below and No,No we did not go to the top….We found a picturesque small,shallow pond,showered with water from 2 short and sweet “Baby falls” that I would call them….and the gala time we had there,resting in the “baby” fall and floating in the pond…..
The best part of the trip was the lovely set of people,some of whom met each other for the very first time but bonded like “age old trekking partners” at the end of it”Anti-jinxing”….So,here’s posting some pics from the trip and hoping for many more in the time to come 🙂