I would love to………..

The sound of pitter patter of  mustard seeds in oil…..
The flavor of green chillies, ginger……
The colour of capsicum,tomatoes,corn,peas…….
The freshness of fenugreek, spinach and coriander leaves……
The smell of basmati rice boiling in water and corn on the cob……

These are some of the most important things that make cooking an essential dose to the soul for me. Its such a feeling of accomplishment when the vegetables are cooked in the right proportion,spices added to bring the right taste,mixing ingredients to experiment recipes and then the applause that my heart receives from myself…..:)

When rice boils in its full length and each particle is separate from the other after being fully cooked,when the smell of a tadka fills the house with that heavenly aroma….and my heart is full of joy……

Its not just the taste part of cooking that makes me cheer,the other aspects involve knowing the nutritive value of each and every ingredient added and taking care not to spoil the original taste of vegetables…..Knowing to balance the calorie intake and the fats…..and further to that hoping to build my own kitchen garden someday,plucking fresh organic vegetables and cooking them would be an absolute delight…..to see the those plants grow and taking care of each and every stage involved from flowering to bearing those wonderful green vegetables. That is still a long way to go…but I hope I do that sometime in future…….. ๐Ÿ™‚


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