A PG switch and things that change !!!!

Wanted to update this space,so thought of adding some details that have been happening around…….Changed my PG accommodation and shifted to a place that is just a 2 minutes walk,to be more precise,it just the opposite lane,though it is quite comfortable now but here also we are actually confronted with major shortcomings 😉 (I suppose now the perfect place for me to stay would be my own house for which I do not have hopes being single,so that is something to be left upon the person I marry, and guys this is not an indication that I am getting married soon,I am happily single for some more years to come :)) 
So talking about the shortcomings here :
  • The bathroom here is slightly bigger than the ones we have in trains,though it is clean and well constructed,We cannot get enough of our hands touching the roof by just a slight raise.
  • I am getting into a habit of cold water baths,because the solar heater provides hot water only till 7 AM in the morning which is too early for me to manage,so Cheers to another achievement in the list of adjustments
  • The breakfast part is again a trouble,not a trouble actually it does not exist ,because till now I have not been able to put up with Rice and Oil clad chapatis in the morning,have switched to “Corn flakes” and I swear its such a saviour 🙂
Also there are so many things that I miss about the last PG,leave apart the monster owner,I can list them down as well :
  • The open wide corridors with balconies at the end,where I did most of my phone conversations after office,ardent believer of “Walk when You talk”,I am,”Abhishek Bachhan, are you listening ?”,
  • Jokes apart,the loved the open space outside our room there,here though the room is far better but as I step out,I find myself enclosed in a match box like structure,no open space,Have to run to the terrace on the 5th floor so as to take in some amount of fresh air 😦
  • The well lit market outside the lane,the lively feel of shops and people,everything was accessible at a distance of a few meters,be it medicines or ATM or grocery or small North Indian restaurants,Hot chips,Shanthi Sagar, and of course,the Cane Crush 😦 :(and most importantly,the small town feel the area had,I miss it the most
  • The 2 km walk from from the old Pg to office,and back. In the morning when you see familiar faces on your way, an Uncle on morning walk,a lady on her way to office always dressed in smart western formals(we had times gossiping about her dresses and our expert comments on them :),girls after all ;),glancing at all the showrooms on the way and knowing the offers on almost all brands,discussing the new food outlets which caught our attraction and what not,also it was refreshing to walk back after office discussing the day in detail.
  • Writing about the walk reminds me of many little kids on their way to school,chatting loudly,water bottles around their necks and cute bags on their back,it was such a treat to watch them every single morning,and here there was a special one who caught our attention,a small girl,might be 4-5 years old,with her bag and bottle along with a lunch box basket,she usually has a fresh flower in hand or her Mom’s handbag,always smiling in glory,I have never seen so much happiness and gleam in the eyes of  a small kiddo on the way to school.Whenever we crossed paths,I can’t remember a single day when I did not feel like hugging her,and the best part is she goes to school from somewhere besides my new Pg,though our timings do not match now,still I have some hope of seeing her 🙂
Its nice to take note of some short and sweet events happening around you in the course of the day,somewhere it reminds you that there are things happening everyday that can keep you fresh all day long,Thank You God for such memories from each place that I live in,Hope to build some more in the new place as well.