Tolerance ?#$%&*#

I had an amazing ability to tolerate human beings of all varied attributes till a year back,I could tolerate umpteen number of senseless talks because I am of the kind of nature wherein if talks cannot keep me interested in the starting 5-10 minutes of a conversation,my mind automatically turns off the switches and I stop listening but my facial expressions would manage to cover that up for the rest of the time.I also the ability to stay polite and calm towards people who do not know how to talk,I should rather say “Mannerless” folks,never ever did I become rude and arrogant except when it was ABSOLUTELY necessary…………but since a few days,I have realised that their is a necessity to give people whom I have been tolerating for a long time, in face( not that I never felt like that before but now it has crossed limits enough to make me burst out),they have long considered that I cannot answer back,but that is just because I have not been taught to be rude and arrogant.There are a few people I have come across who have the guts to put blame even when they themselves are nothing less than brainless morons…(I know this post is becoming too much of rant but just cant help 😉 Sorry folks but I find this the best way to deal with the confusions and situations I come across…….)I wish I could answer back and give in face…….Would be really happy if I accomplish that in the coming days ;)Yes that is the only way I can get a feel of satisfaction with my own self………..So please keep me in your good thoughts so that God really gives me some “real unequivocal,plain and candid” contradicting skills !!!!! 😉 😉

6 thoughts on “Tolerance ?#$%&*#

  1. Hi Raeez,Thanks for the compliment ;)But this ability can embarass you to the core at times,when your mind goes off in the most important conversations and starts wandering in a dream world of its own 😉

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