Best Friends !!!!!!!

Jotting down in bullet points what best friends are all about :
  • Distance does not matter for them, they can fight for silly reasons like not chatting even when available on g-talk to giving them a call for reasons as stupid as craving for a nice cup of masala chai….
  • They are all about trippling on a two wheeler,riding about the whole city, wandering without reasons on the familiar streets of your town šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚
  • An evening spent surrounded with people who have decided upon the agenda to be your leg pulling and still when you leave you feel like you spent the best few hours of the day with them
  • They would be the first ones to yell at you for your stupid mistakes but would protect you to the core when some body else raises a finger against you
  • Will listen to your cribbing about silly and odd things patiently but will not spare you without a dose of scolding,and also would have the guts of making fun of the same after you get over it
  • In a restaurant, would order your favourite stuff even without glancing at you,also would pass a jargon” What else do you eat anyway??”
  • Would tease you with names of the all the people whose thoughts are enough to irritate the worst out of you , but would be the first ones to come to your rescue when you are stuck with any of the aforementioned beings šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜‰
Any further thoughts to add to the list ????

2 thoughts on “Best Friends !!!!!!!

  1. Would share thier craziest of dreams nd fancies with you,and at the same time listen patiently to yours and say "hoga yaar, kabhi na kabhi to ye bhi sach hoga, tension mat le !!!

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