The "D" Devil …..

Definitely not about the “Delhi Daredevils”…………

Would narrate an incidence which happened a few days back, me and a friend were on our way back from office and were discussing weddings(“Weddings”,that is what has been happening since the past six months,every time you open your facebook account,you would definitely find wedding pictures of friends and if not that, the relationship status would definitely change …),we just heard a few friends discussing about the “talks on marriage” that have recently begun in their homes…..
To our surprise everybody present there,all the girls(well educated )along with the other discussions were completely fine with the devil that i was talking above….”DOWRY”,the words uttered were:
  • “that is how it happens in our society,my parents are worried about how would they get 3 daughters married,it would cost around 70 lakhs”
  • “my parents said that if a guy is ready to marry you without dowry,you should definitely consider your self lucky”..
The reason to get married to a guy just because he is sort of a saint who does not hold a price tag on himself quoting a hefty some lakhs… matter whatever the girl’s choice is,the “NO DOWRY” choice of the guy is a rare quality to find amongst the Engineers, the MBA’s, the CA’s,the Doctors,who have a definite no bargain prices according to their profession,the choice is yours, so what if your girl is educated, pretty, confident…. you definitely would have to pay a price for the reason she was born as a girl.

I don’t know how many readers would read the above lines with  ” WTF ??? expression”, i felt it the moment i heard all that, and to my surprise most of the girls are okay with the “D-devil” because “that’s the way it is in our society…….”
I am surprised at the way the educated youth is completely fine with the concept….Education gives us the ability to understand, the ability to express,equips us with the knowledge to fight against wrong but here the degrees that guys hold are a predictor of their so called “Market Price” and not to blame the boys, girls are an equal partner in crime because they don’t speak up,even when they are educated enough…..I feel ashamed because we talk of gender equality,but still we consider ourselves on a lower ground when we come to decisions as important as wedding,why cant we say no to “DOWRY”,we compete for the best education, the best colleges,we put in equal efforts to achieve our ambitions,we dream about our careers,then why do we take a backseat here…….We are raised with equal affection by our parents, they spend equally for our education……they want to give us a happy, fulfilled life, then why do they fall a prey to this social vice……

I guess they are some serious loopholes in the society, in the way our thought process goes, and may be some of these petty causes are what make India world’s 4th most dangerous place for women”

Does that not need serious thinking ,to change mindsets,to change “that is how it is attitude”….

It does,and with that it requires the will to fight back, to say “No” to something that is wrong….