Nothing like home …..

Its been a week that I am back from home after a trip of 15 days and the post is just waiting to be written,The special things that make home,the most beautiful place…those talks of going home from the day u book the ticket,planning the trip,shopping for family…..the kind of anxiety just before 2 days of leaving…..u land up at the railway station 1 hour in advance,the journey always seems too long and u just keep on staring every hour at your watch……..even the air of your hometown seems so familiar,so “yours”,the special welcome at home,from neighbours to the maids at your place,flooded with lots of blessings,for all the days you are at home…..being the privileged one to decide the menu… from breakfast to dinner…to the envy of your siblings…….;)Dad coming home a little early than usual and staying awake a little late than usual just because your chit-chat does not take a break………..sister wanting to roam about on the streets of your town on your pet two-wheeler…shopping for all the unnecessary stuff with little sister………..Homecoming becomes a festival to Parents…..Mom becomes a little more busy to fulfill all in your wishlist for the trip…….Dad takes you to the native taking an extra leave from work……meeting grandparents after long long time……….a trip dedicated to graduation days to the second home Indore….spending quality time with best friends,wanting the hour glass to give you a break…but Alas !! one has to come back……the journey back is too short……even the train does not get late then……:( but henceforth starts the wait for another trip and the same circle continues :):)

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