The Good Old Days !!!!

Its 5::20PM in my watch and its raining heavily outside,My mind is full of flashbacks from the past urging me to write this post as soon as I can.

When I was a kid, the best thing that rain could bring was a holiday from school,it was just awesome to be on the way in the auto and you see schoolmates coming back shouting “Its a holiday”,coming back home in those water filled raincoats,with Mom ready to cuddle your wet hair with a towel,and the wonderful hot food items,including those hot roasted “bhuttas”.Apart from that seeking permission to get wet in rain with all the kids in the colony,making paper boats and struggling to keep them flowing intact, getting drenched with all the playfulness that those little raindrops could instill within yourself.
When I moved towards my graduation years,away from home,for the first year every single time it rained,I would miss home like anything,I would stare at the downpour,deeply soaked in those memories,Soon after those days passed,and things started getting on track,the shower would bring with itself lots of greenery in and around the hostel and college making me fall in love with my surroundings.Standing in the college labs performing those experiments,eyes stuck on the beauty that i could see outside,the ring road in Indore soaked wet and all that you could smell in the air was the intoxicating smell of sand.Planning to bunk classes and walking to the canteen taking a path that was some sort of a small jungle,lush green trees on both the sides,playing all sorts of silly games over those cups of tea,searching for carts selling “bhuttas” and savouring on them like we did not eat anything in ages.Even in the hostel,getting drenched on the terrace and demanding the Mess wali aunty to prepare “Hot Pakodas” for the evening snacks.
Again its raining today, I am stuck in office,staring at the downpour,makes me feel like running out and getting drenched but I am bound by the rope of discipline,still i love the beauty this season brings along(Here,Bangalore would never give you a chance to miss rains !!!!!)but I still feel the nostalgia in my nerves, wanting to go back to those carefree old days,the uninhibited joy that these “pitter-patter raindrops” bring, I am missing home,missing my college,friends and I miss my life back in Indore………I wish I would relive those moments again. I am going to walk back to my Pg with an umbrella(I love to do that as well),would love to see those drops falling on to the surface of mother Earth,rejuvenating everything that comes its way…..

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