Simply Adorable !!!

I have a friend X who has another friend Y,and I have a small story to share about them……..X was in a relationship with Z about which Y did not know(Z is a friend of Y as well)……Y has been the most special friend of X from a long long time,so it was quite unobvious for X and even Z not to disclose about this relationship to Z but they did not(because of some very obvious reasons).After more than a year of being in the relationship,X finally disclosed his”committed status” to Y and informed Z about it.
If I would have been in Y’s place,I would have killed X and Z for not revealing their relationship to me for such a long time,would have fought to an extent where I would have reached to a conclusion that would just have said”How could they”,would have sulked, cried and hated them for not telling me the truth………..Now I would tell you what his friend Y did.
She accepted the fact beautifully without any grudges,complaints or misunderstandings.She was happy for her friends and that could be felt as she spoke.She was graceful and sublime in considering the facts and I was just speechless by her manner. I just wondered that how could people be so simple , and have the ability to uncomplicate things. This must look like a very small incident but I am really amazed by the simplicity of the young lady who harmonized the whole matter and found happiness with her friends’ decision. Hey “Y”, in case you read this, I would just like to tell you that i just loved and and am ammmmmaaaaaaazeeeeed by your integrity and naturalness. You have taught me a basic ingredient of life” Welcoming happiness with open arms without hard feelings for the people whom you love even when they were a little late in sharing it with you”.

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