No Boredom ahead ………

Boredom…………I always wanted to analyse the term…..what does it actually it about not being able to do what you really want,being stuck up with something that seems dull to you,or doing what is same every single day….I guess boredom is one thing that all individuals feel at some point of time in their lives….The same has been happening to me every single day in the past one week which has eventually led me to write about Boredom(i feel its quite weird for someone to write about a topic as weird as this ;))
At every single stage in life till now,barring the childhood days when the mind was not so free to think about tedium(since there were lots of other inquisitions,dreams that never let the mind so jobless)….everything that continued for a long duration without a break would become boring and difficult to carry out any further….If I examine my life practically,when i moved from college to work,Boredom started haunting me more often than ever before.Every fifteen twenty days at work once i feel as if life has no meaning other than waiting for salary to come every last day of the month ;))But just a few days back i realised that not everybody’s life would be full of many new things on and off,many new achievements,a milestone at every stage to cherish,refresh and motivate,all of us would settle down doing the same set of things after a certain point of time….and all those things would be what we call as life…..and I realised,”How can I be bored of LIFE”??
And then I came to a conclusion that Boredom is just a state of my mind and I will have to ensure that my daily routine does not lead me to it,Yes routines would be same but some spice can be added to that too,Listing below how would i do that :
  •  Keep dreaming the same way i used to when i was a small kid and not letting them die beacuse my life has taken a turn different from what i dreamt of
  • Will have to keep finding newer, innovative ways in my work, which would prevent my work to be monotonous
  • Will have to try taking risks and responsibilities,being a liitle more proactive would rather help
  • Would spend more time to my hobbies,reading, dancing, cooking and keep adding to what I am good at
  • Giving the mind and heart a dose of self content by doing good and getting praise;)(after all being recognised for the good is equally important)
  • Looking forward to achievements, however small they might be(achievements are a source of self pride ;))
  • Would not force myself to do things that my mind forces to do, even when they are unimportant(I do them just because the mind is more towards the analytical side and wants things to be perfect)
  • Would not burden myself with expectations but would look forward to continuous growth and make efforts for the same
  • Enjoy the fact that it is wonderful to be imperfect at times šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚
  • Will take responsibility for decisions and would not regret them but rather try to avoid mistakes for the next ones to be taken
Life is not going to be a saga of great milestones achieved always, but it would definitely be a celebration of simple and stupid stuff that goes around it and i promise myself that i wont ever get bored of LIFE :):)


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