A well deserved VICTORY :) :)

A gap of 28 years, close to the trophy a couple of times but could not get it….Alas, 2nd April 2011, a very tough match, lots of hitches in between, people all over India with fingers crossed, lots of jinxes, not moving from their seats, as if celestial phenomenon links people from the same country together and adds to the destiny,or rather Victory :):)
ICC Cricket World Cup 2011,the most valuable trophy for any Cricket crazy nation, comes to India :):) and being one of the proud Indians to witness the game πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ the feeling is a mix of emotions, patriotism and proud….Most importantly, when the Cup adds the most important feather to the cap of Master Blaster,”Sachin Tendulkar”a dream to come true after 19 years, watching him being carried on shoulders over the ground,kudos to Gautam Gambhir, and also Dhoni ,who is an addition to the list of most successful Indian Captains who managed to add to the outstanding performance of the Indian Cricket Team when they needed it the most….and above all when the match was so damn difficult to win,I suppose that is why its said, Victory tastes sweeter when it comes through lots of hard work…….:) πŸ™‚ and the Indian team tastes sweet sweet success….πŸ˜€
Congs team India πŸ™‚  You have made us all proud πŸ™‚


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