Mann Lafanga Bada ;)

Mann lafanga bada, Apne mann ki kare……
Yun tou mera hi hai,mujhse bhi na dare…….

Bheege bheege khayalon mein khoya rahe……
Main sambhal ja kahoon woh  fisalta rahe……..
Just was listening to this song when realised some crazy facts about my “Mann ;)” :
  • The “mann” wants to go back from where it started,it always have to crib and cry about things and when it finally gets the desired thing,it realises this was not that it wanted
  • It would think of all the possible ways to keep itself busy,to be the most utilized in the rat race of so called “intelligence” but it really wants to be in that child like state always,no inhibitions,no rules,it wants to be a free bird on one side but the other side forces to be what the world considers acceptable 😦 Poor thing, how to balance the extremes?? :(:(
  • Has the ability to look calm but inside it would have killed the other person i dont know how many times (over something that was unacceptable to my “mann”),why does’nt it have the independence to answer straight on face….and enjoy the surprise by which people are taken aback ;)It wants the guts to tell people”Shut Up, I know better than you,keep those suggestions and advices with yourself 🙂 🙂
It needs wings to fly even if its just for a day,left upon by itself,free of everything that inhibits,binds…….I wonder if such a day would come :):)

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