Holi Hai :)

The festival of colours is here again….but this time I am in Bangalore,a place where Holi and Rakshabandhan do not even come in the list of holidays…thought would miss home, hostel like anything,no one to forcibly drag you amidst the colours,the more you plead,number of colours over you go on increasing….but amongst all the pictures of myself getting bored on the day of colours,my workplace proved to add one more pleasant memory to the list of best Holi celebrated by me.

We were actually informed about the plan of playing Holi in office quite a few days back,but took it as something that would be a very formal celebration,not the kind of crazy fun we were used to,but to our surprise when everybody got down to play Holi in the office garden,it was pure crazy fun, splashing each other ,dragging people to soak them in colours,not even thinking that we have to go to our homes in the same attire ;),shouting for mercy;),water balloons,and on top of that dancing like mad to just 4 odd dance numbers that were available at that time.. No matter what, we made the best use of them ;)danced and danced till our feet gave up. Thanks to the wonderful lot of friends(sharing the same set of tensions)together ,we buried them under the beautiful colours of Holi….It was a simple celebration that would turn into a beautiful memory in the days to come….
Wishing everyone a colourful Holi and may God fill everyones’ life with such small moments of priceless joy 🙂 !!!!


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