Bundles of Joy !!!!

A hectic day at work, drooped amongst excel sheets,data analysis for the year,confused and muddled up to the core.Eventually fought with one of the closest friends. Poor friend 😦 did not even know the reason for my peevishness. I cancelled all plans for saturday evening but thank goodness some sort of inner wisdom came to my rescue and i landed up to the friend’s place. Poor fellow,disappointed by my behavior was to start for some cafe with two more friends. I joined them but stilll the whole day’s work was dwindling in my head.
Waiting for ordered stuff to come one of the friends noticed “UNO” cards being played by another group.The kind of inquisitive being he is, started gathering experiences to when we played it the last time and ultimately gathering the tit bits of information about rules by guesswork and the internet ,we had a gala time playing “UNO”,the extent of which went up to even asking the cafe manager to lend it to us for the night since we could not find any toy shop open till 10:30 at night so that we would buy one for ourselves.
I am still in college, overloaded with project work which was not moving ahead according to expectations,fed up of the connectivity of internet in my hostel room,the deadlines to be met, and since these are last few days of my stay in this hostel,thousands of other chores to be completed before leaving. Its 6:30 PM and i get a message on my phone,”Chai?”,a smile comes on my face and i reply instantly “Coming in 10 minutes”. i walk up to the neighbouring “Chai centre”, eyes searching for two friends who assumingly should be waiting catching hold of an extra place for me. I walk up to them ,share half an hour discussing the day’s proceedings, share a laugh and come back to my routine.
I am working at my desk for some difficult task that I am trying to do since morning, not being able to accomplish even 10% of the same and its 1:10 in the afternoon.Friends calling up for lunch, i get up and walk straight up to the pantry where i hear giggling sounds from a group of 8-10 colleagues,i enjoy lunch with them,sharing a joke,discussing each other’s lives,work,pulling each others leg. Most of my colleagues in office are girls within the same age group and we share excellent camaraderie.The kind of fun we have is difficult to find in one’s professional life,makes my life at work a little more interesting,a little more fun and a little more exciting and I am back to work relieved and refreshed.
All the above are tit bits of my life at different stages, all being made a little more perfect by bundles of joy,called “FRIENDS”,i meet some of them only once a week or  in a month or even a few months but sharing a laugh with them,discussing life and problems makes life simpler and happy. I am blessesd to have such people with whom life finds a new meaning and there’s always something happening and exciting to look forward to.Thank you God for these wonderful people with whom life becomes a celebration without reasons.:):)

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